I have always been captivated by colour, and recently I have been researching the colour Yellow.

Yellow is fascinating to me for many reasons, it is a colour with historical, psychological, anthropological and spiritual importance.

Psychologically, yellow is proven lift our spirits and self-esteem, bringing confidence and optimism.

The oldest known pigment used by humans was Yellow Ochre, and it’s use can be traced back to Kenya some 285,000 years ago.

I want to explore the values associated with yellow in tandem with those same values and their interaction with people within the diaspora. I also want to explore the spiritual and psychological effects of introducing more yellow into my life and the lives of others around me. 

I hope to create a photo series and short film around this subject. Currently, I am using instagram as a device to curate my favourite yellow imagery. I hope you enjoy watching it grow and you feel happier as a result!

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